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Statement   on  COVID-19

Statement on COVID-19

May 27 Update:

In-person events are still planned at the originally scheduled dates. However, Virtual Races are now available for both the Indy Half Marathon at Fort Ben and the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.

Until June 30, registrants have the option to switch to virtual, defer to 2021, or donate their entry to our kids running program (Monumental Kids Movement).

Should either event be converted to virtual-only: Registrants will again at that time have the option to switch to virtual, defer to 2021, or donate their entry.

We will keep updating this page as more details unfold.  Please email with any questions or to request a refund.


Beyond Monumental is closely monitoring all developments related to COVID-19 and relying on several sources of trusted information including the CDC, the WHO and the Indiana State Department of Health. We do not anticipate event cancellations at this time. However, given the rapidly changing environment around the virus, the status of our events is subject to change. Please know we will always keep the health and wellbeing of our participants, volunteers, employees, and their families as our top priority. Updates on our events will be posted as expeditiously as possible. We are following the guidelines set by the Indiana State Department of Health and will be away from our office at this time. If you have any specific questions, please email us at