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CNO Financial Group Blog: The Joys that Come with Running!

CNO Financial Group Blog: The Joys that Come with Running!

David Wilkerson

The joys that come with running!

I have been running for over 20 years now and a coach for around 8 years. As a coach, I have had the opportunity to work with athletes of all abilities and I am still overjoyed watching people succeed and accomplish something they never thought they could.

Because let’s face it, there are days when running is hard and it takes a lot of effort and mental toughness to stick it out and keep moving. But sticking to the routine and keeping yourself motivated is the key.

Now that my children are running cross country I have the opportunity as a parent to cheer them on and coach them at the same time. For me this is double the excitement. I think I may get more nervous before the races than they do!

I was inspired over the weekend watching some middle school and high school runners compete and give their best. For me watching them dig-in and push harder than they ever have was an eye opener.

It got me thinking about the upcoming CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and how this is supposed to be a big challenge but it is important to remember it should also be fun. Finishing a race and getting the medal, food and the congratulations from friends, family and spectators is fun! It feels good to have your hard work pay off and take in the experience with those around you. It was fun to see that over the weekend when the faces lit up after teammates, coaches and parents congratulated the athletes on a job well done!

It’s easy for me to get fixated on running a certain time or keeping a specific pace. While those goals can be important the thing I realized over the weekend was that I needed to enjoy the experience and HAVE FUN! I hope everyone’s training is going well and you are taking things one day at a time and looking forward to accomplishing your goals.