Monumental Moms

Monumental Moms

Creating a safe, fun, community where women starting a path to fitness can connect, feel empowered, and engage through the sport of running.

Who are Monumental Moms?

Monumental Moms is a program developed through a partnership between Beyond Monumental and The Produce Moms in collaboration with influential Community Leaders to help promote an active, healthy lifestyle by supporting Moms as they pursue their health and fitness goals.

Squad Leaders, supported by Ambassadors, will help by coordinating local meetups that include runs, walks and social gatherings where Moms have opportunity to meet and connect with other Moms who are starting or trying to maintain their own fitness journey, without regard to fitness level.

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Squad Leaders

  • Lori Taylor
    Lori Taylor
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    Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms, a media brand and community of passionate fresh produce advocates with a mission to inspire everyone, especially children, to eat more fruits and vegetables. For ten years Lori worked in the supply chain and sold fresh produce to over 300 retail accounts. Today, Lori and her team are fully focused on educating consumers about fresh produce, introducing them to produce brands, engaging the produce industry with consumers in inspiring conversations, and promoting public policy to protect and increase the availability of fresh produce at American schools.

    Lori’s work has been featured on, Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, US Kids Magazines, as well as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates throughout the US.  Lori has received numerous recognitions for her work and innovation with The Produce Moms, including Vance Agribusiness 40 Under 40, Produce Business Magazine Forty Under 40, and several keynote speaking engagements. She serves as a member of the Indianapolis Public Schools Wellness Committee, community partner of the Indiana Department of Education Office of School & Community Nutrition, is a lifestyle morning show contributor on WISH-TV’s IndyStyle, is the host of The Produce Moms Podcast, and is a member of United Fresh Produce Association’s Marketing & Merchandising Council.

    Lori is eager to launch Monumental Moms because she believes running is for everyone as both physical and mental exercise.  Over the last five years Lori has completed four half marathons, but she has not ran more than a 5K in the last 16 months.  As a mom that also juggles business ownership, she has to manage stress constantly and hopes to do so more effectively with running.  Lori is also recovering from the sudden loss of her dad and feels getting back into running is a healthy outlet for her grief management and a great way to pay tribute to her deceased loved ones.

    Lori resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, two sons, and their Great Dane.

  • Katy Mann
    Katy Mann
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    Katy Mann was born and raised in Southern California where she “played the bench” in high school basketball. She finally found her sport in college when she joined the rowing team, mistakenly thinking that she wouldn’t have to run since it took place in a boat. Katy spent most of her time conditioning and building endurance by running.

    Katy moved to Indiana where she finished her college credits at IUPUI and spent several years working for a non-profit before she created Indy with Kids, the largest online resource for parents in Central Indiana. After having five children in six years, Katy found her body in a condition that she didn’t recognize when she looked in the mirror. When Beyond Monumental asked her to be a part of Monumental Moms and help encourage others to start where they’re at, Katy jumped (er… RAN) at the opportunity. There’s no wrong time to start moving: it’s not about the big step, it’s all about the many, many little steps.

    Katy keeps busy travelling, running her home, driving children around and cheering them on at swimming. Katy’s eight-year-old daughter Lulu will also be running the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental 5K for the first time with her school running club.

  • Erin Peckinpaugh
    Erin Peckinpaugh
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    Erin Peckinpaugh grew up in North Manchester, Indiana where she attended Manchester High School. She can vividly remember the first time she ran one single…four laps around the high school track after volleyball practice. Something inside clicked (probably endorphins) and she’s had a love/hate relationship to running ever since.

    She went on to study at Indiana University, where she rode in Little 500 and graduated with degrees in Journalism and Secondary Education. At IU, Erin took a cross country cycling trip… 1,500 miles from Bloomington to Bar Harbor, Maine. That’s where she got hooked on endurance and being outside. Feeling called to study an education system in another country, Erin spent time overseas in New Zealand where she taught English literature and helped launch the school’s first newspaper. She then worked at a Fort Wayne radio station before moving to Indianapolis to pursue a career as an Account Executive at WISH-TV and then WTHR in 2011.

    That’s where she met the Monumental Team. She knew immediately they were in it to help the community. Driven by a strong desire to help others, she has continues to take interest in the non-profit sector.  For years, she’s helped Gleaners Food Bank meet their charitable fundraising goal with a creative marketing strategy. She serves on the External Relations Committee at Families First and has helped Broad Ripple Farmers Market increase attendance and raise money for a program called SNAP providing high quality foods to low income individuals. Ever heard of baby goat yoga? Erin brought that concept to the Broad Ripple Farmers Market.

    But the real reason she’s here: a few years after her sweet son Jack arrived, Erin found herself exhausted, 30ish pounds overweight and unable to fit in her jeans. A friend and invited her out for a run so she (slowly) put one foot in front of the other and started running again. Running is now a near daily habit and there are good days and bad ones…just like life.

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