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Top 10 Scariest & Most Amazing Things About Running A Marathon

Top 10 Scariest & Most Amazing Things About Running A Marathon

Rogue Racers
Columbus, OH

So you are running a marathon!? Collectively, the members of Rogue Racers have run hundreds of marathons, but there are still some things that scare us! We’ve compiled a list of our top SCARY things about running a marathon. As well as some AMAZING things too!

  1. Not being able to fully ‘clear out’ the system before go time. This was without a doubt our team’s biggest fear. Pray for coffee!!
  2. Having system clear out – IN PANTS. DURING RACE. Ok, ok. This may have actually been the biggest fear and has happened to a select few.
  3. Porta-Potty tipping over. While in it! Fact: Jake has had reoccurring dreams NIGHTMARES of this happening! Our advice? Just get in and get out. How much time do you really want to spend in there?
  4. Bloody Nipples. No one ever said, “Man, I put too much glide on my nipples and it really slowed me down.” Load up on that stuff!
  5. Oversleeping and being late to the start. Set all the alarms.
  6. Getting lost. Unless you are Meb or Des, you’re probably going to be ok in the marathon. But study that course map if you are going for EPIC.
  7. Heat. Rain. Cold. Wind. Mother Nature is unpredictable, try and train in it all!
  8. Post-race stairs. No shame in the sit and scoot.
  9. Holding pace for 26.2 miles. Listen. You’ve got this. Trust the training.
  10. Not wanting to do this again. Oh just wait. You’ll want to do it again.

And here is why you want to do this again and again. The accomplishment of a marathon comes with some amazing things as well! Here are our top AMAZING things about a marathon!

  1. Seeing that FINISH LINE!
  2. Culmination of hard work and satisfaction!
  3. Spectators but especially when you see your family and friends cheering for you.
  4. FOOD. #allthefood
  5. When all the “stars align” and you run your perfect race.
  6. That moment you know you are going to PR.
  7. Team camaraderie. Your support system during training is on the course with you, reaching your goals TOGETHER.
  8. The volunteers who make it all happen.
  9. When you have inspired someone.
  10. Even if the race doesn’t go as planned, finishing a marathon is always a MONUMENTAL
    undertaking. It’s not just the race itself, but all the sacrifice of training for it, everyone who
    helped you along the way, etc. There’s nothing like celebrating with your friends, family and
    teammates with a big, hard earned beer and meal!